The museum curator. He is the one who greets you and gives you a tour of the museum when you first enter.


Auryen Morellus is a Altmer historian and the main curator of the Dragonborn Gallery. After years of research on relics and historics, he found that many great relics of Tamriel somehow gravitated to Skyrim. Assuming that the energies within these ancient relics sense the impending crisis, he bought the old Macnarian Hall next to the Blue Palace of Solitude and rebuilt it as a museum to display all of his research. He requests his old associate Professor Patero Marassi to become his relic hunter, but his offer gets declined due to the dangerous nature of the job. In his search for a replacement, he stumbles upon the Last Dragonborn, who accepts his offer and agrees to store all his gathered relics in the museum.

After significant progress has been made, Auryen decides to found a Explorer's Society to perform excavations on their own. Due to the more peaceful nature of these excavations compared to relic hunting, Marassi eventually agrees to become his chief of archaeology. Others join his guild and the Dragonborn gets appointed guildmaster.

Past life

Little is known about what Auryen did before the events in Legacy of the Dragonborn, apart from him studying history. He met Professor Patero Marassi at the Gwylim University in High Rock some 300 years ago. His exact age is unknown. The surname Morellus is not recorded in Tamriel history and can therefor not be used as an indication.

Quest Involvement

Gives the Quests:

Participates in the Quests:

Display progression

As you get more displays, he will come to you with relics he has acquired and send you on quests to acquire lost relics.

Below is the list of the unlockable weapons and quests given to you by Auryen and their required museum display count.

Display Count Reward
25 Skullcrusher.
50 Thornblade. Additionally a messenger will bring you a letter from Auryen and a key to the secret safehouse. The first patron (Jerrin) starts visiting the museum. Collection box is added to the entranceway of the museum, random gold is added daily by the patrons.
70 Auryen will send you to Elsweyr to recover the Staff of Indarys, beginning The Moonpath to Elsweyr's quest content.
75 Cleaver of St. Felms.
100 Eleidon's Ward, Second Patron (Malakai) starts attending the museum daily. Auryen will have the topic “I have too much stuff” available which will prompt him to offer to sell off items from your sell cart in the safe house.
125 Gravedigger.
150 Scourge. Final patrons (Lorna and her son Henry) start attending the museum.
175 Stendarr's Hammer. Avram Shazir arrives as the museum guard.
200 Trueflame.
225 Staff of Hasedoki.
250 Hopesfire. Speak with Auryen about what is new and he will propose starting the explorer’s guild.
275 Sword of Ancient Tongues. Byron Starts to wander the world looking for you to begin the Shattered Legacy Questline.
400 If the Shattered Legacy quest is completed Shadows of One's Past (museum heist) quest will begin
600 Night at the Museum - commonly referred to as the Haunted Museum. If the museum heist quest is done, the Haunted Museum Quest will be available.
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